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Nema Ultra Chem


Nema Ultrachem


Indole butyric acid 70 ppm                                           Betanaphthoxy acetic acid  250 ppm

High concentration of chitosan


Nema Ultrachem

*Unique formula extracted from crustaceans and natural growth regulators.

*Powerful activator for both rooting system and foliage coverage because it contains nitrogen and growth hormones.

*Helps the plant to resist the effects of different environmental stress conditions.

*Increases the power and viability of the plant and accordingly increases the yield in both quantity and quality because it increases the power of lipase which contains Gibberellic and Indole acids inside the plant.

*Necessary for organic and export cultivations because it is very safe on the yield (PHI = 0).

*Accelerates seed germination, roots growth and stem elongation.

*Protects the plant from nematodes, fungal and viral diseases translocated through seeds.

*Increases the plant ability to tolerate soil salinity because it encourages the plant to form plasma membranes and increases the soluble sugars and formation of Proline.

*Presence of chitosan leads to activation of useful microorganisms in the soil (mycorrhiza, Rhizobacter (nitrogen fixing bacteria) and other bacteria that inhibit the growth of bacillus bacteria).

*Using Nema Ultrachem in potato plantation had led to inhibition of welt diseases (fusarium and powdery scab).


Application Rates

It is used through different types of irrigation for all types of crops during all growth stages (2 – 3 liter/Acre) and repeat when needed.


Registration No.   5410/2016