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Daflone Plus

Composition: 60 ppm. Indole puteric acid + 250 ppm beta naphthoxic acid

+ Nematode inhibitors.

Davlon Plus * is used to combat nematodes and its active ingredients stimulate the growth and reconstruction of the root mass and thus improve absorption of nutrients.

* It is the strongest compound in the fight against nematodes as it has a double force that achieves definite effectiveness on all kinds of nematodes.

* 100% water-soluble liquid composite in a new and unique way.

* High accuracy and quality of high purity of the active ingredient and free from impurities.

* Fast-acting compound whose effect extends for long periods.

* There is no safe period after harvesting PHI (= 0) so it is a very safe compound on the environment and human health.

* Registered in the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture under No. 4314/2015


Rates of use Davon Plus uses vegetable and fruit crops on land with irrigation water at the following rates:

(Cucumber, peppers, tomatoes)

11 liters per cubic meter area of ​​240 meters each batch equal to لتر liter on twice


Cultivation of vegetables in the open field

10 liters per feddan in irrigation water in two batches each batch of 5 liters


Banana and grape plantations

10 liters per feddan in irrigation water at the beginning of the activity season

Fruit trees are falling and evergreen and desserts

10 liters per feddan in irrigation water at the beginning of the activity season


* Prior to use, spray the micro elements with amino acids until the plant overcomes the stress conditions.

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