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Canada Raval

Canada Raval

The legend of new century with the NANO technology of Silver and Cupper in addition to Chitosan and Plant Growth Regulators


Canada Raval

*An organic product manufactured according to the highest Canadian technology contains a group of plant growth regulators in addition to Nano Silver, Nano Cupper and Chitosan.

This formula protects the plant from many fungal, bacterial or viral diseases.

*It prevents enzymes activities and inhibits the respiration of the microbes and prevents the spreading of the diseases.

*Silver ions can kill 650 types of microbes.

*An active product against Mildews, Blights, Anthracnose, Fire Blight and many other diseases.

*Silver ions are able to renew the walls of infected plant sells.

*Its content of chitosan which obtained from chitin and contains chitinase can digest the chitin layer of harmful organisms and prevent their activities.

*Safe and echo-friendly product approved by Food Safety Organization in USA and European Union.

*Suitable for all Bio-agriculture and Exported crops because its phi = Zero.

*Protects the fruits either in pre-harvest or in post-harvest phase from rots such grey rot in grapes and green rot in citrus and increases storing ability of the treated fruits.

*Contains a great selection of plant growth regulators which improve plant growth and enhance plant tolerance to stress conditions.


It is used for all types of crops with the rate of 1 liter /300 liter of water and (repeat every 21 days)

Best time for application is at the early stage of growth

Registration No.    6787 / 2016