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Green Power Fort

Composition: 4% Zinc 5% Iron 3% Manganese 5, 0% Brass 5 0.0% Boron

1, 0% molybdenum 62% clavicle


Green Power Fort

* Unique combination of micro-molten elements on EDTA in a balanced image.

* Full solubility in water.

* Manufactured according to the technology of Biogaronx Canada.

* Meet the needs of the plant micro-elements and address the shortage.


Green Power Fort

* Enter the composition of enzymes responsible for the biological processes in the plant.

* Increases the efficiency of the vegetable total and improves its qualities and thus increases the yield.

* Plant helps to resist the plant to infect different diseases.

* Increases plant utilization of other ingredients and protein, fat and carbohydrate composition.


Rates of use

Green Power Fort is used on different land crops with irrigation water or spray on the vegetable total.


The crop is land with irrigation water sprinkled on the vegetable total

Different crops at a rate of 1 – 2 kg / fed depending on the age of the plant at a rate of 50 – 100 g / 100 liters of water and repeat spraying 2 – 3 times


* Registered at the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture under No. 6245/2016


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