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Poly Tex Iron

Composition: Iron 6% (4.8 Ortho Ortho Iron) in the form of soluble grains in water

Claw on EDHA and active vulvic acid to increase the effectiveness of molding.

Poly Tex Iron

* A fertilizer compound from the Canadian company Bioogronex clawed with the latest global technologies in the field of permitting the treatment of iron deficiency in a high efficiency and to allow it to remain in the soil and benefit from it for as long as possible compared to other pictures of iron clavicle.

* The compound is characterized by its granularity and its high degree of purity, which does not produce dust when used.


Poly Tex Iron

* The plant absorbs quickly. * Steady constant up to soil pH pH = 11

* Provides the plant with iron element in all types of soil, even alkaline and calcareous.

* Registered at the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture under No. 4897/2015.


Rates of use


Crop / gram

Fruit trees (depending on the age and size of the tree) 25 – 50 for the tree

Vegetables (in the early stages of agriculture)

(Per week when entering production) 125 / feddan

250 / acre

Field crops (in early stages of agriculture)

(Weekly when entering production) 150 / feddan

300 / acre

Spraying paper 100 g / 100 liters of water

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