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Canda Humex Powder

Canada Humex Powder


Potassium humate 60%         Potassium Fulvate 10%

N 5%   K 10%  Fe 2%   Zn 1%  Mn  1%  S 2.2%

Canada Humex Powder

*Extracted from the best Canadian leonardite (contains 35% active fulvic acid) and considered the only product in Egypt manufactured by BioAgronics technology.

*Treats soil salinity and corrects soil pH.

*Enhances plant efficiency to absorb nitrogen, phosphorus and micro-element.

*Enhances the soil chemical and biological characteristics.

*Increases the volume and growth of root system and enhances the use of all nutrients specially at the beginning of the growth.

*Controls the water balance inside the plant.

*Helps in increasing the hardness of fruits and tubers and extend their storing ability due to the releasing of calcium in the soil.

*Improves soil aeriation.

*Prevents leaching of nutrients in sandy soils due to increasing the exchange capacity of the soil.

*Could be used as natural chelator and could be mixed with micro-elements for foliar application.

Application:      with irrigation

Greenhouses:                        150-200 g / acre weekly (total dose 3-5 kg in the season)

Vegetables at open field:   150-400 g / acre weekly (total dose 4-5 kg in the season)

Fruit trees:                               250-500 g every two weeks / acre (total dose 5-7 kg in the season)

Banana:                                      250-500 g every two weeks (total dose 10 -15 kg in the season)

Field crops:                              500 g weekly (total dose 3-5 kg per season)

Landscape:                               250 g / 1000 m2 monthly (total dose 2-3 kg)

Registration No.       3387/2014