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Canada Extra

Canada Humex Extra


Potassium Humate 29%                                Potassium Fulvate 18%

N 5.0%                  P 5.0%                   K 15%                    Fe 0.1%

Zn 0.05%              Mn 0.05%            Cu 0.05%              B 0.02%

Canada Humex Extra

*A unique formula from BioAronics (Canada) represents the third generation of humic compounds because it contains an integrated group of macro- and micro nutrients.

*It improves soil characteristics and increases its ability to preserve water.

*It reduces soil pH and reduces its salinity so the nutrients caught on the soil are released.

*Controls lot of bio-activities inside the plant such as activating the root system, the vegetative and fruiting growth due to its high contents of the active humic and fulvic acids which leads to the increased yield in quantity and quality.

*Increases the induced immunity in the plant through creating the enzymes responsible for tolerance of the plant to different plant infections

*Could be mixed with other fertilizers and pesticides except mineral oils

Application rates Irrigation system

Amount used during growing season Rate per Feddan Crop
4 – 5 L 500 cm3 Fruit trees
2 – 3 L 250 – 500 cm3 Vegetable crops

The application is repeated every 7 – 10 days

Foliar application Rates

Amount used during growing season Application Rate Crop
2–3 times during whole the growing season 250 cm3/100 L. of water Vegetable crops and

Fruit trees

Registration No.       1377/2013